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Planning your visit

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Let us help you plan your next visit

At Redlands IndigiScapes Centre we are passionate about creating contemporary environmental education programs that will immerse your students in the wonderful natural environment found right here on Redlands Coast.

From working with you to plan and deliver an engaging workshop in your classroom or outdoor space to welcoming your students to Redlands IndigiScapes Centre for workshops and activities, we are here to help.

We have so much to choose from, offering curriculum linked programs across a wide array of environmental themes for all ages from early years to university age students.

Book your visit today.

For more information contact our Community Environment Education Officer via email or phone.

Frequently asked question when planning a visit

Redlands IndigiScapes Centre is located in Capalaba (just 30 km from Brisbane CBD) and covers 14.2 hectares of natural bushland which includes walking tracks, our Adventure Playground, Native Botanic Gardens, Native Nursery, a hands on Discovery Centre, IndigiCafe and open spaces for picnics and gatherings.

Here at the Redlands IndigiScapes Centre, there are three graded, easily accessible walks which allow you to explore the conservation area.  Discover the wonder of the 400 year old Tallowwood tree; wander in search of wildflowers or explore the Fairy Wren Track and see how many different birds you can spot. We encourage you to make a day of it and stay and enjoy all that the centre has to offer following your organised education session.

Were possible we encourage you to visit Redlands IndigiScapes Centre before your excursion to assess the environment and facilities. If you have any questions please contact our dedicated Community Environment Education Officer.

Download our map here.

Community Environmental Education Officers who deliver education programs at IndigiScapes are experienced environmental educators who hold a Working with Children Blue Card and a variety of tertiary qualifications.

There are many great location across Redlands Coast including Redlands IndigiScapes Centre for environmental education excursions for you and your students:

- Wellington Point Geoff Skinner Wetlands, Wellington Point
- Beth Boyd Park, Thorneside
- Empire Point, Ormiston
- Point O'Halloran, Victoria Point

If you would like advice on choosing the right location just ask our Community Environmental Education Officer when you fill out our online booking form

All our workshops and activities are designed to meet curriculum outcomes and cover a range of environmental themes including:

- Koala conservation
- Carning for our waterways
- Theatened species
- Invasive species
- Citizen science

We are here to help and can tailor our offering to meet you specific needs. When you complete the online booking form add your specific requirements to the space provided.

Parking at IndigiScapes is free and there is additional parking nearby at IndigiScapes Community Native Nursery, just a short walk from the main centre.

It is your responsibility to organise transport for your excursion. If you choose to come by bus, charted buses and coaches can proceed to the drop off zone near the front entrance of Redlands IndigiScapes Centre to allow children to disembark safely.

Bus parking bays are clearly marked within the main carpark.

Toilet facilities are located in the atrium of the centre near the IndigCafe and at the end of the gardens near the playground. The toilet facilities in the gardens are accessible to all visitors.

Groups are encouraged to make their visit a nude food day. Nude food days encourage students and parents to eliminate unnecessary packaging and wrap that simply ends up in landfill. Any scraps or rubbish is to be kept in students lunchboxes to be thoughtfully disposed of at home.

Students will need to bring food packed in a sealed lunch box to ensure native animals do not steal food. We don't have refrigerated storage for lunchboxes at this time.

In the interest of the environment we ask you and your students to bring reusable/refillable water bottles when visiting us. Two water refill stations are available on the grounds to refill bottles.

We do have the wonderful IndigiCafe, but it can get very busy and wait times for food may be longer than your designated food break while on the excursion. We recommend that educators and other supervising adults bring their own food or pre-order at the time of booking the excursion. Students are not able to purchase food directly from the cafe for this same reason.

The wooden seating below the cafe is an ideal group gathering and eating area.

Secure facilities are available for students to stow their bags during session times. Please do not leave any valuables in bags. Redlands IndigiScapes Centre takes no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged items.

Redlands IndigiScapes Centre is primarily an outdoor venue with some enclosed learning spaces if needed. If on the day of your excursion it is raining, please ensure children wear suitable clothes, shoes and raincoats.

If you choose to reschedule your visit due to forecast bad weather please ensure you contact the Centre or the Community Environment Education Officers at least one day before your expected visit, or no later than 9am on the day of the visit.

Our Community Environment and Education Officer will work with you to create an exciting incursion or excursion to suit your curriculum requirements and the needs of you and your students

We can deliver a workshop on site at your school, here at Redlands IndigiScapes Centre or another location of your choice within the city.

Topics include:

- Koala conservation
- Caring for our waterways

If these topics don't meet your needs we will create a custom experience for you and your students. Simply fill out the online booking form and add your specific requirements in the space provided.

A small fee applies for incursions and excursions where the education faciltiy is located outside of Redland City. Your school will be invoiced for for costs based on the student attendance list provided by the school on the day of the excursion.

Group numbers should be no larger than 30 students per session. We recommend that younger students generally benefit from smaller group numbers.

Throughout the session students may be broken into small groups to gain the most from some activities.

Please note: If there is a significant change in the number of participants from your initial booking please ensure you contact our Community Environment Education Officers at least 24 hours prior to the planned visit. A change in numbers may impact the scheduling of the excursion and how we run the program.

Your visit can be entirely developed and facilitated by you. Educators who are interested in the self-guided option may like to include our Discovery Centre as part of the excursion itinerary. For more advice please contact our Community Environment Education Officers.

Please advise our Community Environmental Education Officers of any students with special needs so that we can try and accommodate these during your visit.

It is the responsibility of the school to ensure students are supervised for the duration of their visit to Redlands IndigiScapes Centre. We encourage the excursion coordinator to develop a supervisory plan that will ensure students are accompanied throughout their visit.

It is compulsory that students in K- year 10 are allocated to groups with a supervising adult for the duration of their visit to IndigiScapes. To assist in supervision we suggest schools use the following supervisor/ student ratios:

- Special needs 1:2
- Primary school 1:5
- High school 1:10

Areas of the grounds that require special supervision include:

- Discovery Centre
- Adventure playground
- Gift shop

Please note: Groups are welcome to use the Adventure Playground however, as the equipment is designed for 3 to 12 year olds, we ask high school students to refrain from using this area.

Below are some simple reminders for your students:

1. Please be courteous to plants, animals and people.
2. Do not feed or interfere with the wild animals at IndigiScapes.
3. Place rubbish and recycling in the bins provided.
4. Students are not permitted to go into the cafe.
5. If students would like to go shopping in the gift shop they are more than welcome to do so, however we ask that classes are divided into groups of no bigger than 10 and are accompanied by a supervising teacher/parent/carer.

Notes: Misconduct may result in the immediate expulsion of students from the grounds.

Many Redlands IndigiScapes Centre staff hold first aid certificates, but it is a requirement that all visiting groups have their own first aid qualified adult attend for the duration of the visit. Should assistance with first aid be required, please go directly to an IndigiScapes staff member for assistance.

IndigiScapes operates in accordance with Queensaldn Health guidelines. For details on the centres COVID Safe Plan visit our dedicated page.

Other guidelines to consider:

- We encourage all students to regularly wash their hands.
- It is particularly important that visitors do not feed or interfere with our animals.
- For a copy of IndigiScapes education excursion risk register please contact your education officer.

Our emergency response plan

Redlands IndigiScapes Centre has a documented emergency response plan in place. Points covered in the document:

- Evacuation and exit gate procedures
- Fire Warden protocol
- Coded alarm system for potential life threatening situations e.g. fire, serious first aid incident, dangerous animal escape, or bomb threat In the event of an emergency, please contact a staff member immediately.

Public liability insurance

The Redlands Coast IndigiScapes Environment Centre is covered by a $600 000 000 public liability insurance policy. However, schools must ensure the proposed educational activity is approved and all participants are covered by their own education facilities public liability insurance policy.

Download a copy of our planning your visit here (this will be a pdf of the above)

Submit your booking request via our online booking form.

For more information contact our Community and Environment Education Officer via email phone 3824 8611.