IndigiScapes Botanic Garden


The IndigiScapes Native Nursery holds a variety of beautiful native plants that are perfect for backyards on Redlands Coast.

With an assortment of groundcovers, shrubs and trees, for many different habitat types, your garden is bound to be a naturally wonderful oasis for you and the local wildlife to enjoy.  

All plants are tube stock and only $2.50 each. Please see our opening times for more information. 

Free koala food trees

Pop by and grab some free koala food trees for your backyard or property and help provide habitat for our well-loved fluffy marsupials. Learn more about our local koalas.

Why choose native plants?

Native plants are versatile and can be used in a wide variety of ways.

Our botanical gardens showcase how you can use native plants in your suburban garden to attract wildlife, build spectacular living features, provide sensory experiences and adopt a modern garden style.

Local native plants are very resilient.  Once your plants are established, they require less care, less water and pesticides. They are already adapted to our environmental conditions, which means less time spent on garden maintenance.

How to care for your native plants

Did you just buy some plants from our nursery?  Learn how to care for your native plants, [PDF 0.3 MB]

Volunteer at the nursery?

Most of the native plant stock in our nursery is grown on site by volunteers using locally sourced seeds. Would you like to get involved? Learn more about volunteering at IndigiScapes.

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