The IndigiScapes Centre building is currently closed for renovations.

Learn more about the IndigiScapes Expansion.


nature play playground

The IndigiScapes building and some trails are currently closed, however the native nurserybotanical gardens and playground are open to the the public. See our opening hours or learn more about the IndigiScapes Expansion

A trip to IndigiScapes can be fun, active and educational for children of all ages.

Our nature playground includes:

  • Flying fox
  • Wooden balance beam obstacle course
  • Water pumping station and sand pit
  • An education trail
  • Melaleuca trees which are perfect for hide and seek
  • Mounds of grass to roll down
  • Hedge maze

BBQ Facilities

Our playground holds BBQ facilities (another is located near the back of the IndigiScapes centre).

Indigiscapes playground


Audio tours for children

Audio tours are currently unavailable. 

Explore our trails with a free audio tour for children.

Join Cassie the koala or Snuffles the bandicoot and learn all about them while touring their home. A fun activity sheet is also available.

Other activities for children

Children can also enjoy the other facilities at the centre: