The IndigiScapes Centre building is currently closed for renovations.

Learn more about the IndigiScapes Expansion.

Nature trails

The IndigiScapes building and some trails are currently closed, however the native nurserybotanical gardens and playground are open to the the public.  Please see our opening hours and learn more about the IndigiScapes Expansion

Enjoy a walk through native bushland at IndigiScapes and see the plants and wildlife that make the Redlands Coast so special.

There are three walking trails at the centre. All the trails are classified as 'easy grade' with gradients less than 1:10.


Fairy wren walk IndigiScapes

This trail is open to the public.

Duration: 10 minutes to Lyndon Road

Take a scenic route through translucent ferns along the banks of Coolynwynpin Creek. If you're lucky you might spot swamp wallabies and an array of native birds.

Suitable for wheelchairs.



Wildflower walk indigiscapes

This trail is currently closed.

Duration: 20 minutes (return)

This walk takes you through many of our native trees - tallowwoods, black she-oak, swamp box and pink bloodwood. Touch the scars made by the larvae of the scribbly gum moth when you walk past the magnificent scribbly gum trees.



Tallowwood tree indigiscapes

This trail is partially closed. 

Duration: 20 minutes (return)

This popular trail is the best place to see wildflowers in late winter and early spring. Listen out for our resident fairy wren family while enjoying the gently winding paths. Look into the lake and count how many turtles come to you across the water.

This walk leads you to the 400 year old tallowwood tree where you'll learn about our local history through the eyes of this special veteran.

Suitable for wheelchairs.


Audio tours for children

Audio tours are currently unavailable. 

Explore our trails with a free audio tour for children.

Join Cassie the koala or Snuffles the bandicoot and learn all about them while touring their home. A fun activity sheet is also available.

A botanic gardens audio tour is also available (for all ages).