The IndigiScapes Centre building is currently closed for renovations.

Learn more about the IndigiScapes Expansion.

Gift shop

The IndigiScapes building and some trails are currently closed, however the native nurserybotanical gardens and playground are open to the the public. See our opening hours or learn more about the IndigiScapes Expansion

Enchanting environmental and locally made gifts

Our gift shop is filled with handmade treasures, locally sourced products and beautifully crafted materials that inspire a love of nature with a low impact on the natural environment. We work hard to find items which are made from eco-friendly, sustainably sourced and/or recycled materials.

 You’ll find delightful products that are a little unique and make perfect presents for family and friends.

We also stock a variety of environment and conservation based nature books and CDs. 

Love the flavours in the IndigiScapes Café?

What you eat in our cafe, we sell in the shop! We provide a range of bushtucker spices, jams, sauces including products like lilly pilly jam, bush tomato relish and the mouth-watering lemon myrtle butter.

When you visit, be sure to spoil yourself with something nice too!