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Native plant nursery

You can purchase a wide variety of native plants at our nursery, which is run by volunteers from the local community.

All plants are $2.50 each.

Opening Hours:

  • 10am to 4pm (Monday to Friday)
  • The first Saturday of every month 9am to 12noon

Why choose native plants

Native plants can be used in your garden in a wide variety of ways.

Our botanical gardens show how native plants can be used in suburban gardens to attract wildlife, build spectacular features, provide sensory experiences and help adopt a modern garden style.

Local native plants have an added advantage of being resilient. They require less tender loving care, once established, and require less water and pesticides. They are already adapted to our environmental conditions, which mean less maintenance for you.

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Volunteers at the nursery

Most of the stock in our nursery is grown on site by volunteers using locally sourced seeds. Would you like to get involved?

For further information visit Volunteering at IndigiScapes.